MIT Innovation and Incubation Services

MIT is an approved MSME incubation center by Ministry of MSME, Government of India. MIT is also setting up an ultra-modern 30000 Sq Ft Incubation facility for startups as well as existing companies to facilitate interdisciplinary work supported by laboratory and training infrastructure.

  • Your START UPS at MIT

    If you have an idea submit it online to MIT . When evaluation committee finds it worth supporting/funding, it will inform you. For details please visit link - (

  • MIT is learning by doing, two startups are already functioning at MIT
    • Nurture Earth R&D Pvt Ltd is engaged in technology development currently handling BIRAC GoI funded project for Nano-magnetic Ablation of Cancer cells and completed in past projects on Algae to Omega 3 using waste sugar as a feedstock and One Step Biodiesel technology using waste oil as a feedstock. Bothe these were completed for USA based companies leading to export of plant equipment and patent filing.
    • is an “Agri IOT” start up created with an objective to carry on the activities of farming, processing, engineering, manufacturing, trading, training & education, R&D in the areas of Agriculture, Food, Fodder and Pharmaceutical with special focus on Vegan.

    Proposed 30000 sq feet incubation and innovation center at MIT