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  • 14-07-2018 11:30 am
  • Prof. S. R. Borawake
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What ails our "Agricultural Produce Market Committees? "

The APMC's in Maharashtra have to face many a problem in their development. It was been established long time ago in the High Court of Madhya Pradesh (APMC Guna v/s Govt. of MP) that the APMC's are legally "LOCAL SELF GOVERNMENTS" and as such they are equivalent to Municipal Councils, Municipal Corporations. It logically follows that once they get their Master Plans/Zonification Plans and also the Building Plans, etc. approval from the Marketing Board there is no necessity to again take approvals for all their plans from the local bodies.
as the Govt has streamlined the process of NA permissions, this too needs to be re-engineered to remove the impediments/ road-blocks coming in the way of the speedy development of APMC's in Maharashtra, and also in the way of giving justice to the farmers.

The second biggest hurdle is the Cooperative Development for the APMC's. God alone knows why the APMC's have to route their files through the AR, DDR and the Joint Registrars of Cooperative Societies. There is only the negative impact in all this and there being too many decision taken it gives rise to uncontrollable nepotism and corruption. This needs to be curbed forthwith.

The APMC's do their own development works like roads, water-supply, drainage, electrification/lighting, etc. and APMC's is not a profit making body. It provides all necessary infrastructure, facilities and amenities for the marketing of agricultural produce, for the benefit of both the producers and consumers. The property-tax imposed by municipal Councils and corporations is a very high burden on the APMC. This too should be done away with, so that the servicing of the loans becomes easier. Hence the role of Municipal Council/Corporations should be curbed as for as Market Committees are concerned.

The distressed farmers require proper support arrangements at all levels. The Market Committees therefore require to be liberated from the many problems being faced by the unnecessary only them the APMC's can concentrate more on giving their envisaged services to the producers. This will help in reducing the Marketing Costs also. With this we will also be starting the era of liberalization for the farmers.

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