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  • 02-04-2018 8:00 am
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India-The most favored education hub for Nepali students

India has been an instruction center for the Nepali’s.The number of Nepali students flying out to India for higher education has expanded as of late Besides from its vicinity to Nepal and reasonable educational cost charges, the way that the two nations share comparable culture influences guardians to feel India as a safe place for their child’s advanced education. There has been huge advancement in the education system in India recently, setting up itself as a main instruction center point in Asia India being the second largest education network in the world, leads the world in production of world-class Information Technology (IT) and management experts, India is an exceptionally assorted nation and its kin and their way of life differ with the difference in states. It likewise pulls in a great many students over the globe giving chance to think about in a multicultural classroom. Associating with the general population from various cultures teaches tolerance, acceptance of diversity and helps fabricates close social associations which therefore helps which consequently helps in promoting teamwork and confidence.
A major part of the students coming to India are inclined toward Engineering and IT followed by Management and Nursing.
Engineering and IT -Engineering is a lucrative decision for students who have finished their review 12 with no less than second division marks. In spite of the fact that the majority of the students from Nepal try to contemplate building each year, the scholastic establishment in the nation can barely take in students, making India a reasonable decision to many. No country in the world has thrived like India in the field of engineering and IT.
Nursing - Nursing courses have grown in number and quality to provide training to girls and boys. Due to availability limited seats for nursing students in Nepal, many students choose India to pursue higher education.
Management-MBA courses in India are designed to develop entrepreneurship in the student so that they can start and run businesses of their own. The courses ensure practical and theoretical skills to the students. These programmes enhance a student’s leadership skills through rigorous training, assignments, reports, presentations and group projects all in order to build skills that will be help in real life business situation. A world class education system makes India a well known hub for Nepali students seeking admissions for higher education