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  • 19-04-2018 10:00 am
  • Nandini Joshi
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Healthy Garden : An Innovative Concept

‘Healthy garden’ is creation of all around healthy environment in tune with nature by cultivation of suitable medicinal plants systematically like Durva, Korfud, Bramhi, Maka, Kadhipatta, all spices, Tulsi, Ova, Badishep, Guduchi, Kadulimb, Adulsa, Haldi, Ambehalad etc.
Why it is :

  1. Maintaining health has become crucially important but equally difficult in the current scenario. Career and domestic stresses, unhygienic diet, irregular and hurried life schedule, polluted food and surroundings are few of the possible and ‘difficult to avoid’ reasons.

  2. Fortunately, Ayurved is increasingly becoming a hope for healthy survival. However, the drugs therein, have become heavily costly and are sometimes adulterated.

  3. ‘Healthy gardens’ is an assured solution on most of the aforesaid problems. Here, we not only advise you for developing family terrace gardens with suitable medicinal plants but help you till you get healthy herbal products.

  4. The concept has been also suitably extended for upcoming and existing cooperative housing societies, bungalows, row houses, cottages, hotels etc. for larger plantation areas and products with variety of plants.

  5. In addition to medicinally useful plants, ‘Healthy Gardens’ also provides advice and help for plantation to get ready to use kitchen material, cosmetic, aromatic and many more, all in pure and herbal form, at your fingertips.

  6. It also helps to maintain physical, mental and financial health of individuals through self-sufficiency. Getting enormous enjoyment is an added benefit.

How is it?

  1. First desirable area is selected for the plantation which depends on the amount of product needed and the number of users.

  2. Then we test the existing soil of the area, if any, for their constituents and enrich them by fulfilling the deficiencies.

  3. Earthen pots and trays with single or multi-storied arrangements are used to stock the soil.

  4. We then suggest a list of plants for suitable selection. Seedlings of the selected ones are procured from nursery.

  5. The plants are drip irrigated with herbal nutrients as per requirements.

  6. Waste water can be recycled for the purpose. Nurturing the plants and harvesting the joy of using herbal household products in kitchen and for maintaining health, all rests on the owners.

  7. Advice and support is continued all the while from ‘Healthy Gardens’ at affordable costs by caring you and the nature.

So, just ring us at 9766006746 or 8237541570, for your own ‘Healthy Gardens’.