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Aurangabad- An education hub not only a tourist destination

When it comes to Aurangabad, people always think of forts, several heritage sites which date back to Mughal raj, Yadav era etc. Ellora Caves, UNESCO world heritage site, marks the turnaround.
It just feels like, the country as a whole has wrong impression about our city.  If someone is only concerned about mountains, scenic beauty, a busy city life, cars and shopping malls all around, then believe me, Aurangabad is exactly the same. A BUSY CITY LIFE with development all around, much better than many other places of the country.
The city gives you additional joy of the most beautiful palaces and historical sites in and around Aurangabad. It has a scenic route connecting Daulatabad Fort and the world famous Ellora Caves. You can also see the Hugh Mughal canon placed there. On the other hand you have the world famous Ajanta Caves which is famous for its rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments. If you talk about heat, which metro city is spared from it? If we compare with any other metro, when you return home from office after a long tiring journey in a bus, you have drained all your energy with the perspiration. But in Aurangabad, you don’t have to travel much. Everything is within your vicinity. You just need to avoid the sun. There’s enough wind to comfort you. Aurangabad has a pleasant weather.
Aurangabad is home to many education institutions which include Government/Private colleges and few renowned Engineering and Management colleges. It has been an education hub for students across the globe. Student not only from Maharashtra, but also from other states of India like Gujarat, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab, Telangana, and so on. Even students from countries like Bhutan, Nepal, Africa, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, etc prefer Aurangabad for their education. These students from across the globe contribute to the student’s population in the city.
Aurangabad, has given several industrialists and professionals to the country. This city already has number of industrial clusters like the prestigious Auto Cluster. Many industries from this place are vendors of Auto giants of the world supplying OEM parts to companies situated in Germany, Italy, US, Japan for Auto plants - Wolksvagan, Mercedes, Volvo, Peugeot, Honda, Suzuki, Tesla, etc.   Aurangabad was already a business hub and now with people from all over the country coming to Aurangabad for studies; it has become an education hub too. If you are aiming for good education, then there cannot be a place better than Aurangabad. A place where there is no political disturbance, no goons to threaten you here and there, a place to give you a busy life when you need it, a place which would give you the country's heritage to enjoy any time you need and a place where you can have the  most comfortable evenings for studies. Aurangabad has silently grown as both business and education hub and advancing towards becoming an IT hub with IT players’ contribution to this city. There are hundreds of hotels to suit all pockets. Aurangabad is connected by air to Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad. Direct trains to Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Nagpur, Delhi, Amritsar.
There are much more opportunities in pipeline, to name a few like DMIC project- AURIC, Devgiri Electronics Cluster, and many more to come. Lot of MNC’s are also establishing their plants in the new Industrial corridor. Actually, a altogether new version of Aurangabad will be seen in couple of years to come. It is becoming a home to more in days to come