Marathwada MedTech Lab

MIT MedTech
A Medical Devices Rapid Prototyping Facility funded by BIRAC as a part of National Biopharma Mission Supported by DECPL and IESA

RPT – an Expressway from Idea to Market Place

MIT MedTech

Product development challenges are myriad and shortening time to market is the number one strategic goal of innovator / entrepreneur and organisations. One such challenge is post proof concept stage (POC) work. Brining out a fully functional product for validation, risk mitigation and addressing scale up concerns requires a fully functional ecosystem of infrastructure, manpower, parts vendors and mentors.

MIT MedTech

A Rapid Prototyping Centre (RPT) is a go to place for all such requirements which can help convert a POC into a functional product. An RPT may need to integrate few critical facilities under a single roof to save time, cost, and effort to ensure required flexibility to do, undo and redo whatever that may be required to achieve goals.

Quicker to Innovate Faster to Validate

Conceptualizing many design options needs a faster validation mechanism, so that after feedback is received, designs can be refined and this iterative process continues till the design meets the required performance criteria.

Reduce non Productive Investment

Since 3D printing does not require dies, jigs, fixture, the entire development cycle can be accomplished with reduced expenditure in a shorter time period. Before committing huge resources in full scale manufacturing, entrepreneur can cut losses by withdrawing potentially failure products.

Reduce Time-to-Market

Design and performance challenges can be identified at an early stage, and product can be modified or redesigned if required in much shorter period. RPT also facilitates small scale manufacturing, which allows tasks like test marketing, customer validation, regulatory compliance. Entrepreneur can learn quickly what may potentially work in the market place and change plans accordingly.

Benifits of RPT

- Advances “Time to Market” Turn Around.
- Saves on Tooling Cost with on demand 3 D printing.
- Reduces Waste with Additive Manufacturing.
- Improve lives , one customized part at one time for medical application.
- Saves weight with complex part designs.

MIT MedTech