Marathwada MedTech Lab

MIT MedTech
A Medical Devices Rapid Prototyping Facility funded by BIRAC as a part of National Biopharma Mission Supported by DECPL and IESA

Small Scale Manufacturing

Once prototype is ready, tested and a small batch needs to be produced for testing, customer feedback and compliance needs. We offer this facility to the prospective entrepreneurs.

Small Batch Manufacturing:

We Can produce low volume, customized parts on demand, withoutThe high cost and long lead times of traditional manufacturing. A diverse material selection and simple post processing enables you to quickly meet varied production demands The proven accuracy and uptime reliability of 3 D printers provides consistent results.

Our facility is also useful for making cost effective and faster

1. Jigs and Fixtures
2. Dies and moulds for small batch
3. End of Arm Effectors
4. Ducts
5. Complex shapes production items as one unit.
6. Sacrificial, Autoclave capable, strong and light weight tooling

MIT MedTech
MIT MedTech
MIT MedTech
Jigs and Fixtures

MIT MedTech