Mentor Views



"Knowledge is the greatest asset and the birthright of all human beings."

The Gramaudyogik Shikshan Mandal was established to create opportunities for the unprivileged and underprivileged young generation to receive meaningful education and training. The MIT Group of Institutions was born with this aim in mind. Creating a learning opportunity in the life of an individual may take up a few years time; especially, in the narrow range of spectrum that is technical education.

However, it is a continuous process of learning in the life of an establishment like MIT.

To keep pace with the changes in skills and knowledge, the community has to have confidence in the courses which are offered, be reassured that these courses are of the highest standard and lead to meaningful careers. MIT is relentlessly striving to meet this requirement.

The worth of any organization depends upon what they know, rather than what they own.

MIT understands the importance of knowledge and realizes its motive of imparting good quality education, through a qualified, experienced and a devoted faculty. This infuses the habit of striving for success in a specific program and enriches the academic standards within the organizational hierarchy, right from initiation to the final stages of development.

This organization is slowly transforming itself from simply being a teaching institution to a place full of opportunities in learning.