MIT Research and Development Services

The R&D Centre focus on emerging technologies. MIT collaborates with institutions and organizations of international repute.

MIT invites industry to partner with its faculty to develop new technologies to address their long term product and solution development goals. These typically involve 18 to 36 months of sustained effort.

MIT’s research staff may assist you in the following domains. For details please click here

  • Areas where qualified faculty have Research Experience

    Basics sciences, Civil Engineering, Computer aided design & Manufacturing, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication, Heat and Power, Heat Transfer, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Micromachine, Nanotechnology, Plastic & Polymers, Product Design and Manufacturing, Reliability and industrial engineering, Renewable & Alternative energy - Biofuel , solar, Waste to energy, Tribology

  • Engagement Model & Intellectual Property
    • MIT understands IP creation support and IP protection needs of industry which is reflected in engagement models.
    • Contract Research: 100% IP ownership of client and 100% cost to be paid by client.
    • Collaborative Research:: IP ownership & cost to be shared between client and MIT in a mutually agreed ratio.
    • Licensing: Concept of Client and Resources of MIT IP can be developed jointly for licensing on mutually agreed terms.