Solution Ecosystem


What would our curriculum will be like if it were to fulfil aspirations of our students and needs of our industry and communities that we live in? Reverse engineering the curriculum from what a successful professional career wou Id be an ideal solution to bridge the current gap between academic scenario and work and life


Industry needs to continuously improve product, process and services and offer innovative and affordable goods and services while ensuring a healthy return on investment.

Communities need innovative solutions for needs like, food, water, sanitation, housing, education, healthcare etc. forever growing population and inadequate resources.

Is there a way of delivering the above in a shorter time period at lesser cost, in a sustainable manner? Where are the resources for it?

Technology offers means to deliver the above.

Academic institutions have infrastructure, qualified resource persons and access to global knowledge base.

Industry and communities have many needs which academic institutions can fulfil but what is missing is a way to connect the needs and resources.

MIT Solutions Ecosystem is designed to deliver technological means to the industry and community to address their needs by using academic resources in a structured and sustainable manner.


Bringing Academics, Industry and Communities closer for common good is the purpose of MIT Solutions Ecosystem. Improving employability of our formally educated youth, alternatives for school and college dropouts through vocational training/skill development and encouraging entrepreneurship are the high level objectives that MIT Solutions Ecosystem intends to achieve.

How MIT Solutions Ecosystem Delivers

MIT Solutions Exosystem comprises of a very structured academic - industry - community connect program which encompasses the following key areas: