NETRA – Founders and Pillars

Mr. Vivek Pawar

Deshpande Foundation
Founder of NETRA, currently working as CEO at Deshpande Foundation in Hubli. An IIT Kharagpur alumni, analog design engineer of Mixed-signal and Analog IC's. In past he has worked with Texas Instruments and was stationed in US for many years. Very respected person in Semiconductor Industry, Vivek has been instrumental in creating many successful startups in Hubli Region. He has been Executive Chairman at Sankalp Semiconductor in Hubli. NETRA is purely Vivek’s vision and passion.
Dr. Madhusudan Atre

CEO & Founder, Vegashakti Consultants
An intellectual center of NETRA, working as CEO at Vegashakti Consultants. With nearing 30 years of industry experience in leadership roles at companies like, Lucent Tech, LSI, Applied Materials, AMD… He has been an Advisor to Government and many Universities across India. His technological expertise is in VLSI, Software, Parallel Computers, Physics, Mathematics… etc. Actively he is even working with Industry Bodies/Associations and as a visiting faculty to IISc , KLE Tech and other institutes.
Mr. S. Janakiraman

Founder & Chairman at Nuvepro Technologies
With more than 30 years experience in Product Engineering arena. Jani was amongst first 5 employees of Wipro when it entered IT. He co-founded Mindtree with 9 other co-founders. A Founder and Executive Council Member of India Semiconductor Association (ISA) for 5 years. Currently he is also the President of Indo Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IJCCI) – Karnataka and a great help for NETRAs inception, development and growth.

NETRA Advisory Members

Mr. N. K. Mahopatra

CEO Electronic Sector Skill Council of India
Development of Course material for Electronics for skilling purposes through private partnership. An IIT Delhi and Khargpur alumni.
Mr. Vikram Labhe

Country Manager, Micro Semi Corporation.
More than two decades of global experience in managing Electronics and Semiconductor Companies. Technology Product evangelist with an entrepreneur’s mindset.